BLOG: A little faddy

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 11:39AM

It was a real mixed bag of emotions for Sarah last week as she was both insulted and flattered on the same day!  It started well with Sarah receiving a message on Facebook that she was absolutely chuffed about.  She went on and on to Martin about how nice it was to be appreciated and how the compliment had really lifted her spirits.  Martin, imagining that Sarah must have received a declaration of love and admiration from a smitten fan, was rather surprised to discover the message that had Sarah gushing went like this: “U not a bad looking chick a Sarah”.  That’s right, those eight simple words (two of which were not even spelt properly) had Sarah absolutely delighted.

Martin was quick to point out that romantic mystery man Geoff had not actually said that she was good looking, just not bad looking, but still Sarah was on cloud nine.  Until a discussion with her partner brought her crashing back down to earth.  Sarah mentioned that she might be keen to try a detox, just for a week or so.  And her partner innocently replied “I feel you’re getting a bit faddy.”  As the tears sprung to Sarah’s eyes and she started blubbering about how she’d been running and trying really hard to cut back to just one block of chocolate per week, her partner suddenly realized what she’d said and how much it sounded like FATTY.  What they really meant was FADDY, as in into lots of fads…which Martin thinks sounds like a very convenient “get out of the dog box” excuse, and also wonders who in their right mind uses the word “faddy”?

Martin might be a bit “deafy” by this time next week.  This weekend, he’s jumping the ditch to attend a metal festival with his 16 year old son.  Although he fancies himself to be a bit of a rocker, this particular festival may be a bit much even for Martin.  Similar to pubs that have signs out the front saying “drop your husband off here”, this festival has a “parent drop off area” where the oldies can be deposited to sit and drink cups of tea while the young folk rock on alone.  With the likes of Marilyn Manson and Slip Knot on the docket, Sarah’s pretty sure Martin’s son will take full advantage of this and drop Dad off as soon as possible.