BLOG: Love on Wheels

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 February 2015, 12:28PM

Yesterday morning, the show got a bit gross. 

We were talking about cleaning and how often things are supposed to be cleaned according to the experts. Turns out we are all sleeping in filth!  Well, us two are anyway.  Did you know that doctors have found that up to a third of a pillow’s weight can be made up of bugs, dead skin, mites and their faeces, and the average unwashed pillow can contain a revolting 16 species of fungi? Neither did we, but rest assured the first thing we did after getting home yesterday was to put our stinky old pillows in the wash.  Experts recommend washing your pillows every three months, your bed or mattress every six months, and your sheets once a week due to the litre of sweat we all lose in a typical night. 

Yes, a LITRE. 

If that’s not enough to gross you out, apparently we touch our phones 150 times a day and scientists discovered 7,000 types of bacteria on 51 phone samples.  Of course not all that bacteria is bad so let’s not get too heavy handed on the hand sanitiser. 

Apparently one of the worst places for bacteria to breed is in your car...but not if you have a brand new one like the $17,000 Fiat Punto Pop that we’re giving away this Saturday!  It’s Valentine’s Day with a bit of a difference.  Instead of falling in love with a person, you can fall in love with a car and hopefully drive that car home! 

Come 11am Saturday the Wayne Kirk Prestige car yard will be humming with people from all over the Bay hoping to win the nifty little car.  We’ve been giving away keys all over the place for the past few weeks, causing our text server to break down several times and a stampede at Cornwall Park.  Anyone who’s won a key is invited to come down this weekend and try their key in the lock. Whoever’s key unlocks the Fiat, wins the car! 

And here’s your chance to win a key! All you need to do is email [email protected] with your full name and phone number. The first 20 people to do so win a key that could win you a brand new car. 

Good luck!