BLOG: No to Fireworks?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 November 2014, 12:57PM

There's been a lot of talk recently about fireworks. Should we still be able to buy them for personal use or is it time fireworks were restricted to public displays only?  Often those against the personal use of fireworks have fears for their pets, some of whom freak out upon hearing the loud bangs.   Others have such fond memories of using “double happy’s” and “tom thumbs” when they were kids, that they believe it's the children who'll miss out if we can't set them off in our backyards any more. Sarah doesn't have to worry about either of these things. She gets more of a fright than her dog when fireworks are going off, which is rather surprising given the size of her pooches ears. As for the missing out debate, well Sarah and her family went to a friend’s house during the weekend for a fireworks night.  Everyone brought along a box of firecrackers and once it got dark, they worked their way through several hundred dollars worth. And the kids loved it! For about 7 minutes. Then they got bored and all went back inside to play on the Xbox, leaving the adults outside wondering why they were witnessing their money literally go up in smoke when the kids couldn't care less.

Next year Sarah is thinking she'll save her money and spend 8 bucks hiring a game for the night instead. Martin is still going strong with NO-vember, which is pretty impressive considering he had to sit through the announcement at Mission Estate Winery yesterday without sampling any of their wine. Imagine how difficult it was to be sitting with people who are drinking wine, listening to the people who produce the wine, surrounding by the vines that grow the grapes to make the wine and still not drinking any wine! (Cue the violins!) But he survived. 

Martin was even given a bottle of his favourite bourbon as a thank you last Friday and the cap is still on!  Allegedly. Sarah would go to his house to check but Martin won’t tell her where he lives in case she decides to pop round whenever she feels like it.  She did recently take out a letterbox whilst backing down someone’s drive so that’s probably a good call.