BLOG: Splashdown

Publish Date
Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 10:39AM

Hawke’s Bay’s very own theme park Splash Planet opened this week, heralding the start of another long hot summer in the bay! 

To celebrate the opening, Splash Planet will have a special ride set up this weekend…the Superfly! This thing is HUGE. Standing as high as a three storey building and over 55 metres long, it’s the largest three lane inflatable water slide in the world! Or even the universe because I bet you don’t find too many of these on the moon (gravity issues and a lack of water supply).  And we, Martin and Sarah, will be the first ones to ride it on Friday morning. Uh oh. 

The first issue is obviously the need to wear togs when our pasty white bodies have not seen the light of day since last summer. The second problem, is actually keeping those togs on our bodies. This shouldn’t be a problem for Martin, (unless he’s taken NO-vember a little too far and his board shorts fall down), but Sarah has experienced an unfortunate incident involving her togs at Splash Planet in the past. 

It’s probably a little rude to explain exactly what happened, but let’s just say Sarah made quite a “tit” of herself (in the children’s pool!) and Martin renamed Splash Planet “Flash Planet” afterwards. Let’s hope everything stays where it should when we ride the slide this Friday, especially as the trip will be filmed! 

Martin had his own wardrobe malfunction last week. He had to attend a meeting so thought he’d better replace his gumboots and singlet with some real shoes and a nice shirt. He thought he looked pretty suave and didn’t realize his error until he arrived home and his wife looked at him in disgust and asked “have you been wearing that the whole time??” Turns out he’d sat though the entire meeting with his shirt inside out. Pockets on the inside and the tags hanging out for everyone to see. You may be wondering why he didn’t notice it was on the wrong way when he did up the buttons.  Well, the shirt had domes, and even though Martin thought they were a bit weird, he clearly didn’t think about it too much. 

Let this be a lesson to his wife – don’t buy Martin dome shirts, it just confuses him.