Column: Sarah's Dog Goes Shopping

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 July 2016, 8:31AM

One of the few downsides of being involved in a sports team is that at some stage, you’re going to have to take the dirty, stinky kit home and wash it.  

This week it was my turn.  

15 extra uniforms stretched the contents of our peg basket beyond its limit and so, deciding to kill two birds with one stone, I walked my dog Ella down to The Warehouse to buy some more.  My very, very naughty dog.  

In hindsight, I really should have foreseen what happened once we arrived at the store.  It’s happened before.  But that was years ago and I thought we’d moved on from those days.  Apparently not.  

I was inside The Warehouse for no more than one minute and paying at the counter when I looked out the window and saw my dog.  Well away from where I’d tied her up and grinning like she was the world’s smartest canine. She was obviously thought we were playing a game of hide and seek and bit through her lead so she could come and find me.  

After muttering some expletives, I finished paying for the pegs and rushed outside to find Ella gone.  I was looking frantically around the car park when a lady approached and asked if I’d lost my dog.  “Yes!” I cried with relief.  “Have you seen her?” “Um yes,” the woman replied.  

“I just heard them put it over the speaker that there’s a dog in the store.”  

My jaw dropped as I turned around to see Ella inside The Warehouse being escorted by a member of the public…and security.  

“Are you her Mum?” Ella’s rescuer asked. After a moment’s hesitation (where I seriously considered denying all knowledge of the dog and owner), I reluctantly replied that I was.  “I think she was looking for you,” the woman said with a chuckle.  

We quickly left the store with Ella’s tail wagging enthusiastically and my head firmly down.  Thank goodness Ella bumped into a person who clearly likes dogs!  And that she wasn’t in the store long enough to find the tennis balls; had that happened, I’m sure I would never be welcomed back.  

I think I might leave it awhile before my next visit as it is.  And next time the dog can stay home!