Eye-Witness Emma Explains What Really Happened Between the Magpies and a Thief

Publish Date
Wednesday, 19 August 2015, 4:07PM

This morning we heard that Hawke's Bay rugby players Zac Guildford, Chris Eaton and Ryan Tongia were hanging out at a Napier eatery yesterday when a thief dashed out of a clothing store nearby.  

Ryan displayed some impressive speed to chase the thief 200 metres down the road. He caught him and Zac was quoted as saying "It was pretty impressive to watch actually. He didn't even look that fast when he was chasing my kicks the other weekend."

The story made it sound like Zac and Chris contributed to catching the thief.  

While Ryan's pace certainly did come in handy, he wasn't the only one responsible for catching the thief.

As 'Eye-Witness Emma' explained to us this morning, there were actually a couple of off-duty police officers there to lend a hand - and Emma herself had to ask Zac (who was a bit slow off the mark according to Emma) to look after her twins while she talked to the police communications centre.