Germ fest in your home

Publish Date
Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 10:32AM

Forget door handles and toilet seats, the most germ-infested objects in your home just may be … your towels.

The main problem is that towels are used in the most germ-ridden areas of the house and they tend to retain moisture, allowing bacteria to breed.

Researchers from the University of Arizona who analyzed tea towels for bacteria that causes food-poisoning detected sickness-causing bacteria in 89% of them and E coli in 26%.

The experts warn that bacteria can also transfer from bathroom towels and diseases like athlete’s foot can be passed on to different family members.
What to do? Washing towels in hot water is the easiest way to get rid of the germs. Unlaundered, used, moist towels produce the highest risk of infections.