Hawke's Bay says NO To Amalgamation

Publish Date
Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 4:41PM

Hawke's Bay residents have had their say on the binding Re-organisation Poll and voted NO to amalgamation.

This progress result is based upon the counting of approximately 97% of the returned voting papers. The progress result does not include some special votes and voting papers returned today that are still in transit to the processing centre.

A preliminary result is expected tomorrow afternoon, however the overall result won't change.

The voter return is currently at 60.87% with 67,511 voting papers processed.

Here's how the numbers shook down:

Votes Received
FOR            22,649     33.55%
AGAINST    44,681      66.18%

Napier City 
FOR            4,450      15.77%
AGAINST    23,705     83.99%
70 Informal/Blank voting papers

Hastings District
FOR           15,161      51.46%
AGAINST    14,212     48.24%
89 Blank/informal voting papers

Wairoa District
FOR           434          12.07%
AGAINST    3,154       87.68%
9 Blank/informal voting papers

Central Hawke's Bay
FOR           2,602        41.81%
AGAINST   3,608        57.98%
13 Blank/informal voting papers