Hawke's Bay Today Vibe Magazine column (Aug 6)

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 August 2014, 11:21AM

It’s fair to say it's been a weird couple of weeks for us. First off, Sarah's had to admit to Martin that he was right, not something she's ever keen to do. He's been banging on about how spring has begun as he's seen new lambs and daffodils around the Bay.  Sarah of course scoffed and told him to stop being stupid, it was only the middle of winter. And then last week happened. After she spent most of Friday and Saturday sneezing due to the huge amounts of pollen in the air, Sarah was forced to tell Martin he was ri...righ...right. See, it's even hard to write it! 

Another unique experience for Sarah (and one she's desperately trying to forget) happened on our recent work trip to Auckland.  It was a day full of random challenges where we had to race around Auckland doing all sorts of things, from singing karaoke in a very dodgy inner city bar to begging strangers on the street for money. During one of these challenges, Sarah was forced to witness Martin shaking his booty on a rotunda in a park while wearing no pants.  He still had his undies on but really, the less said about that particular activity the better. 

We've also managed to break our website, much to our techie’s horror.  This was due to the record breaking amount of votes cast in our Survivor Park Island – Spa Pool Edition competition.  Since last Friday morning, we have received over 200,000 votes online.  In just over a week!  Our website manager is now bald and he had quite a fine crop of hair before this competition started!  All the contestants have certainly earned a nice long soak in a spa, best of luck to the final five teams competing in the big finale at Park Island this Friday.  

And then of course, Sarah's eating punishment, which was completed live on air last week. She dealt with the asparagus and brussel sprouts quite well, but the mussels were her downfall.  Never has such a look of disgust passed across someone’s face!   She did gag by the way and you can see the video at thehits.co.nz now, if you dare! So all in all, we're rather hoping for a slightly calmer month in August.   

And Sarah is very much hoping she never has to witness Martin dancing around in his Tighty Whiteys ever again!