It's a funny life with Megan: No choice but to let my hair down

Doesn't it feel like the long winter of discontent?

And winter has really only just started. I really hope things are on the improve for your winter ills and chills.

I've taken out shares in the Vicks factory but am still on the lookout for a can of Rawleigh's Mentholated Vapour to try. The coughing in our house is incessant and doesn't seem like it's going anywhere soon!

Another thing that is causing a lot of discontent is that the wonderful people who look after our appearance are also falling like flies.

We went into isolation so I had to cancel a much-longed-for hair and eyebrow appointment.

Now the eyebrows can wait a little longer than the hair can, and I felt sure I could get another hair appointment soon.

What I didn't factor in was the trifecta of illnesses. My hairstylist and eyebrow artist went into their own isolation. Then our family got sick again so I had to postpone the rearranged appointment, and now finally, on the fourth try, I am booked in for both next week.

I'm about five weeks behind where I should be with the hair maintenance, but through this I've learnt a few tricks of the trade that I thought I'd share.

I get my hair coloured to hide my grey hair and so when I've just got my hair done it feels glorious. In those first couple of weeks I wear my hair up all the time and off my face because there's no grey hair in my hairline, it's free and liberating.

About week four of a colour, I start wearing it up a little less and by week six or when it's due to be coloured again, I only ever wear it down and I spray the top of my head in the part line with some kind of goodness knows what, but it colours the greys.

It also colours your forehead and the bathroom wall behind you if you're not careful. But it does a good job at disguising it.

Now five weeks behind schedule, the colour spray has run out no matter how many times I shake the bottle, and the only fix is to wear a hat in public.

My co-host, Adam, suggested a brown-paper bag might be more appropriate. He's right, I will be using it to breathe in and out of to calm me down if this next appointment doesn't happen!

This article was first published by Hawkes Bay Today and is republished here with permission.