The Batman Election

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 11:07AM

The battle rages on this week as we campaign for votes in the “Batman Election” aka who will be the boss of the show. 

So far Martin’s hung his hat on the fact that he pushes the buttons and has the ability to shut Sarah up by turning off her microphone (something he receives much praise for).  Sarah has chosen to remind everyone that she is younger than Martin and therefore more likely out live him. 

By Friday we’ll have chucked some election promises in there as well, voting will open and we will then find out who will be the caped crusader for the next 3 years. One thing we know already is that we’re the number one breakfast show round here!   And of course when we heard the news, celebrations were in order! 

So it was off on a mystery bus trip which wasn’t mysterious at all as we knew exactly where we were going, but still a lot of fun (especially as the mode of transport was actually a flash-as limo masquerading as a bus!)  Sarah turned up late much to everyone’s shock (not) and once Martin realized she was drinking bourbon, he knew the night would go one of two ways. 

Either Sarah would drink too much too quickly and make a complete embarrassment of herself, or she would drink too much too quickly and fall asleep.  It ended up being a bit of both. After managing to spill her first two drinks over herself and the floor, Sarah was in fine form as we ventured to our next destination in Havelock North, where she talked too loud, laughed too hard and made our entire group stand outside in the cold a good 20 minutes before our transport returned. 

One more stop in Napier and then it was home to bed for Sarah…after all, it was 9pm! Mr stomach-made-of-iron Good carried on with the team into the wee small hours, where they completely took over an establishment and commandeered the sound system, while the restaurant staff politely started cleaning up around them and turning off the lights…then not so politely asked them to bugger off so they could go home. 

For the sake of Hawke’s Bay’s bars and patrons, thank goodness we only get ratings results once a year!