The Inspiration Station (Dec 8)

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Monday, 8 December 2014, 10:21AM

Some years ago, Reader’s Digest published the results of an experiment conducted in a high school where students of roughly equal ability were divided into three groups to test their skills at throwing a basketball through a hoop. 

The first group practiced throwing free throws for one hour, every day for a month.  The second group, the control group of the experiment, did no practice.  Group number three practiced only in their mind for one hour every day. 

After a month, Group One had improved their shooting success by 2%.  Group Two had gone down by 2%, and Group 3, who had only visualized shooting hoops and not physically practiced at all, improved by 3.5%! 

You can improve your golf game, your public speaking, your confidence, your driving skills and any other abilities you choose, by sitting in an armchair and mentally rehearsing.  That is the power of your mind.

(Source: Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews)