Vibe Magazine Column (Aug 12)

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 August 2014, 11:33AM

Another embarrassing moment for Sarah this week.  We’ve been playing this great game on air called First Words, where we play you the intro of a song, and you have to work out what the first lyrics are.  Get it right and you win $1000!  Sarah has been talking herself up, saying that if she was allowed to play this contest, she would get it right every single time!  Well Martin put her to the test yesterday with the prize of a gingernut and she got both songs wrong.  Shame!  If you want to have a crack at it yourself (for $1000, not a gingernut) it’s on every weekday at 7.25am and 4.40pm – hope you do better than Sarah! 

One misconception about us which we’d like to take this opportunity to clear up is that we are married.  This nasty rumour rears its ugly head when we visit schools and businesses or meet people at events or on the streets.   Last year at the opening of a new establishment we were introduced as “Mr and Mrs Good”, much to our horror.  While we are not married to each other, we do have a rather marriage like relationship.  We spend every morning together, are often seen together around Hawke’s Bay, argue like we’re married and did once share a bed (just to clarify, it was in a tent on Marine Parade and was for charity!).  

Martin even calls Sarah his radio wife, which puts him in the unfortunate position of having 2 wives to nag at him every day.  And this week, Sarah’s been nagging Martin about his hearing.  When he takes his headphones off, Sarah can actually hear the music pumping out of them from down the stairs and out on the street (slight exaggeration).  She’s constantly talking to him (Martin would say AT him) and the only response is “pardon?”  So like any good wife, Sarah has taken the matter into her own hands.  Or more accurately, the hands of a hearing therapist, who will join us on the show tomorrow to give Martins ears a once over.  

Martin is absolutely convinced there is nothing wrong with his hearing, in fact he says he can hear very well, he’s simply developed a talent for blocking out the frequency that Sarah’s voice is on. Guess we’ll find out when his hearing gets tested officially tomorrow morning after 8!