Vibe Magazine column (Sep 17)

Publish Date
Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 11:16AM

People often say to us “You have such a cool job!” And yes, most of the time we do!  We get to have heaps of fun, meet all sorts of people, and

make people’s lives a little bit better by giving away awesome things.  Recently we’ve given a way a huge amount of cash, heaps of free coffees, and this Friday we’ll be knocking on someone’s door and telling them to pack their bags because they’ve just won a 7 night trip overseas!  But there are some parts of our job that aren’t so cool. 

Being woken every morning at 4am by a shrieking alarm clock for instance.  Having to be full of energy before you’ve even downed your first coffee.

And cooking a flash 3 course meal for 12 strangers when you are not even close to being a chef!  Which is what we’ll be doing tomorrow night at our Instant Restaurant. This could be (and probably will be) a complete disaster!  We haven’t even finalized our menu yet, still don’t know who is actually going to be the boss in the kitchen, have never even cooked in the same kitchen before and Sarah managed to burn herself cooking peas this week, not a good sign!  Just to add some extra pressure, the Hawke’s Bay Sisters Kelly and Megan from MKR will also be in attendance, ready to judge our efforts - and potentially gunning for revenge after their elimination on Sunday!  One thing we have made sure we will have loads of is alcohol.

Obviously a must at any dinner party, but we also figure that perhaps after a few glasses of fine Hawke’s Bay vino our guests’ memories may be a little hazy and they may forget that we served them up a charcoaled piece of meat that once resembled a steak. Good luck to us! 

Martin is still recovering from his traumatic tattoo experience (not actually traumatic, he’s just very wimpy) and Sarah’s got a very sore finger from the pea incident, so we think people should be impressed if we just turn up!  Alas, it’s not just our selected guests who will be witness to this event. 

Video highlights and photo’s will be uploaded on our website so everyone can see just how badly we did. Can’t wait!