Vibe Magazine contributors column (Oct 1st)

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 8:35AM

Our show is not political. In fact, the only political coverage we had during the recent election was occasional updates on how things were looking in the polls (which turned out to be spectacularly innaccurate) and ponderings on just how many black zip up sweatshirts Kim Dotcom owns. We left the serious stuff to our serious stations because the real election for us begins now. It’s time once again to decide, who is the true Batman of our show? 

During Sarah’s first year in Hawke’s Bay, we were leading the Hastings Blossom Parade in the station vehicle, when over the loudspeaker to a crowd of thousands, we were announced as Martin and his sidekick. Side kick?? Sarah was a little peeved and slightly shamefaced over this unfortunate yet understandable gaff, but Martin was gleeful. He has never let Sarah forget that he is the Batman and she is the Robin....or his “sidekick”. 

After a short period of mocking, Sarah became fed up with the taunt and so, around the time of our last national election, we held our own vote on the show. Despite promises of home made baking from Sarah, Martin won with a pledge of  half price sausage rolls (or “Bat Rolls”) from a local bakery. Sarah had to concede there was just no competing with that. Hawke’s Bay almost ran dry of flour that day from the amount of pastries sold. 

To celebrate Martin’s victory, some of our workmates got a Batman and Robin poster specially made up with our faces on the superheroes’ bodies.  Never have we looked so trim! Sarah has the body of a boy but still, no wobbly bits!  It has pride of place on the inside of our studio door, just to remind us every day who is the true Batman. 

Three years have passed and it’s time to have your say again Hawke’s Bay.  Over the next few weeks we will be campaigning hard for your vote and Sarah is pledging to leave the green underpants behind and step into the big black ones.  Who should have charge of the show? Has Sarah done enough to prove she deserves to be the caped crusader, or will Martin continue to dominate with more promises of free stuff? Find out in the next exciting episode of Martin or Sarah for Batman (the name needs work). Pow!