Ben's daughter Sienna takes on NZ Prime Minister Christopher Luxon in phone ban debate

Not every teenager would be brave enough to take on New Zealand's Prime Minister in a debate - but that didn't stop Ben's daughter Sienna from saying her piece on the new phone ban in schools.

Phones are now officially banned from schools across Aotearoa thanks to the new rule brought in by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Sienna wasn't shy about sharing her mind.

Ripping into the PM with her well-thought-out debate, Sienna even included some skilful digs.

"Burn, what a burn!" Luxon exclaimed over Sienna's clever nod to the PM's previous role at Unilever.

While Sienna made some great points, the PM was ultimately unconvinced.

"I feel like I'm listening to a Dad having an argument with his teenage daughter," Jono joked.

Watch the full debate in all its glory above, and below on the Jono and Ben Podcast!


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