'Celebrity Treasure Island' star Lance Savali reveals what it was really like on the island

Kiwi dancer Lance Savali is on the current season of Celebrity Treasure Island and he’s given us all the goss.

Lance has become a fan-favourite on the show and says he’s just making it all up as he goes long.

"I didn’t really have a strategy, I kind of just fooled everyone into thinking I had a game strategy but really I didn’t," Lance admitted to Jono and Ben.

He also revealed that despite what people may think about reality TV shows, what fans at home see on their screens was actually what it was like while they were there on the island.

"When you watch reality TV shows you’re like 'dude they’re so emotional' but when you get separated from your world and put in this stupid pirate show and get everything stripped away from you and all you have to deal with is people and your emotions and everything is heightened it’s actually really intense.

"But it was such a good experience, I would do it again or sure!"

For those who don’t know Lance has danced with some of the biggest stars in the world including Rihanna, Usher, JLo, Beyonce, and many other A-listers! 

He also told The Hits Breakfast hosts what it was actually like hanging out with all those super celebs on a day-to-day basis.

Listen to his hilarious chat with Jono and Ben in full above and tune in to see him on Celebrity Treasure Island weekly on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesday on TVNZ at 7.30pm.

Good luck Lance! We’re rooting for you!

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