Comedian Dai Henwood talks cancer journey and Daffodil Day with Jono and Ben

Comedian Dai Henwood has been bravely open about his battle with stage 4 bowel cancer, which he first shared earlier this year. Despite facing surgeries on his bowel, liver, and lungs, along with rounds of chemo and radiation, Dai's positive outlook shines through.  

He caught up with Jono and Ben to talk about his journey, and what he’s learned from having cancer. 

Dai – who has been championing the Cancer Society’s cause – notes that his own battle against cancer has not dimmed his sense of humour. 

Dai Henwood. Photo / Supplied

He compared his journey to that of a classic car in need of restoration. "I've just got a spot I'll do a bit of spot weld, do a bit of cut and polish, fix the upholstery so I can get to the next beach shop. That's my plan," he quipped. 

While facing numerous challenges, Dai's perspective is one of gratitude for the lessons it has taught him.  

He shared, "I've grown more, and I've realised how important it is to connect with friends, to really dial in on just being there for your family and your friends and your kids." He urged everyone to cherish the present moments and find joy in them. 

"It's worth being aware of the clock because it makes you go, actually, OK. Just need to dial in on today... just enjoy now, enjoy those little moments."  


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