Dame Sophie Pascoe pranks Jono & Ben after Commonwealth Games gold win

Two lucky radio hosts were given the chance to interview Dame Sophie Pascoe following her gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games over the weekend. But only one turned up for the call.

What began as a chat to Jono Pryor of Jono & Ben at 4am yesterday morning turned into a prank on his co-host, who was fast asleep, having missed the memo.

Boyce revealed that he thought the interview was set for 4pm or 5pm that day and was "fast asleep" when he had to interview Pascoe.

Meanwhile, Pryor had told his producer that he was willing to come in to work at 4am to do the interview - "but let's not tell Ben".

During the interview, Pryor asked the Olympian what she really thinks about while she's competing - and if it's about the price of milk, like the rest of us.

She shared things like what is definitely on her mind while she's training. "Can you imagine swimming up and down a black line for 16 years? A black line's not that riveting at times."

"I got my questions out of the way so I was fully satisfied but I was like, you know who's missing out on asking Sophie their questions was my friend Ben," Pryor continued.

They then played audio of Pascoe ringing up the radio host, asking "Have we got him on the line?" as a confused - and half asleep - Boyce mumbled on the phone.

Jono Pryor decided to prank his co-host after an interview mix-up. Photo / The Hits

"I was not expecting this," Boyce admitted. "I had all day to prepare for this, I thought!"

Without time to prepare questions, the only one he asked the gold medallist was how cold the pool is when she swims. Pascoe revealed it's a comfortable 26 degrees.

"There was a bit of a mix-up in comms," Pryor joked before telling his co-host to go back to bed.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.