Ed Sheeran apologises to Kiwi fan over proposal fail at his Dunedin concert

Ed Sheeran's popular love ballads are the go-to proposal and wedding songs for countless couples all over the world.

But one of his songs didn't go down too well with a Kiwi fan when her partner proposed at one of his concerts.

Speaking to the pop star this morning on The Hits, Kiwi radio hosts Jono and Ben called up a fan named Tina who had gone to his Dunedin concert a few years ago.

She told the radio hosts that her and her partner's favourite Ed Sheeran song was How Would You Feel - but "Ed Sheeran didn't play our song".

"He was just about to play his last song, the most unromantic song Ed has which is Sing and he [my partner] got down on one knee and proposed," she said.

Jono and Ben then revealed that Ed Sheeran himself was on the phone and asked him if he'd offer her an apology.

"Hi Tina, Ed Sheeran here ... I'm sorry I didn't play How Would You Feel," he said.

She was shocked to hear him on the phone, saying, "You're bulls***ting me!"

"Tina, I'm really sorry I didn't play it but thank you so much for coming to my gig," he continued.

"Myself and my now husband, we just absolutely loved that song and we just fell in love so quickly and it was our first dance song as well," she told him.

The pop star's long-awaited new album Equals is out today.

The interview was recorded before the artist tested positive for coronavirus this week along with his baby daughter Lyra.

"The week before the album the schedule is pretty intense and also there's a baby in the equation," he told the radio hosts.

"It's not the struggle is real but it's the juggle is real."

The singer said that without his wife's support his job "wouldn't be possible".

"My relationship with Cherry is give and take, it's about balance but the partnership is key.

"I wouldn't tour if I couldn't take my family, I wouldn't do that but I will say the promo has been pretty intense and heavy and would not have been made possible without Cherry being amazing."

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This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.