Jacinda Ardern gives Jono and Ben a very important task to share with her fiance Clarke Gayford

While the Prime Minister has been busy getting the country through Covid-19, her partner has been busy at home.

When Jono and Ben caught up with Jacinda Ardern they asked if there were any special requests she would want them to put in with her fiance, Clarke Gayford who has been had home looking after their daughter Neve and even doing a bit of laundry.

And it turns out there was one task Jacinda wanted Clarke to complete - get rid of the whitetail spiders in their house!

Eep! No one wants those in their house.

Luckily, Clarke reckoned he was up to the task to rid Premier House of the creepy crawlies ... phew!

Listen to Jono and Ben's full interview with Jacinda and Clarke above.