Jono and Ben attempt to cha-cha change out with National Party Leader Christopher Luxon

For the past year, Ben has been telling Jono that he could be the stunt double of National Party leader Christopher Luxon.

Ben wondered if he was the only one who thought the two bald-headed men could pass for each other so Jono and Ben decided to put it to the test. 

Christopher Luxon kindly agreed to join Jono and Ben at The Hits studio and dressed identical to Jono in a rock band t-shirt and plaid shirt, Jono and Chris attempted to swap places mid-interview with the stars from this season's Dancing With The Stars NZ

While the interviews took place over Zoom, it wouldn't be easy to trick the stars as Jono and Ben knew host Clinton Randall, broadcaster Kerre Woodham, TV presenter Sonia Gray and Olympic Rower Eric Murray quite well. Many of the stars had also met Christopher Luxon but they hoped the switching of places would be very unexpected. 

Jono and Ben started each interview over Zoom together like usual, talking to the stars before attempting to swap Jono out for a waiting Christopher Luxon by pretending to drop an item on the floor or clean something from the camera lens.

The results were very mixed but all hilarious. Eric Murray called out the prank straight away, while Sonia Gray and Clinton Randall noticed something was not quite right and slowly put it together. Broadcaster Kerre Woodham carried on the interview like the professional she is, seemingly unaware of the swap, but afterwards, put this down to not wearing her glasses as well as an uncanny resemblance!

Jono and Ben's dance swap with Chris Luxon scored great points with the stars who found it hilarious! And it ended with Ben leaving Jono and Chris to host the final interview together with their heads shining brighter than the Dancing With The Stars NZ mirror ball. 

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