Jono and Ben managed to offend British singer James Blunt ... oops!

We had the lovely and hilarious James Blunt on the show for an interview and straight off the bat we offended him with some false information about him! 

Not ideal considering the recent news about the Aussie TV reporter who essentially cost his network $1 million, when he went to interview Adele in London, told her he hadn't listened to her new album yet, to which the record label said he couldn't use the interview anymore. Awkward ... 

But thankfully, with James, it was all was OK in the end!

We talked about his brand new greatest hits album The Stars Beneath My Feet, the bizarre place he recorded one of his most famous songs and even got him to play a prank on another radio station.

He's a very funny dude and the chat was a lot of fun! Listen to our interview with him in full above!

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