Jono, Ben & Megan get us in the feels, sharing their life dreams with Fraser Grut's for the 10,000 Dreams project

In an incredibly moving moment, Jono revealed a side of him we don’t often get to see – and it got us right in the feels. 

When speaking with Fraser Grut for his inspiring 10,000 Dreams project, Jono shared his life’s dream, and it will strike a chord with a lot of Kiwi parents.  

More than a decade ago, Jono and Ben caught up with Fraser, sharing with him their light-hearted dreams of “meeting Dave Franco” (Jono) and having "legs that look good in Warrior NRL shorts” (Ben).  

Now in 2024, Jono and Ben have joined the project once again. This time with a focus on what they cherish most in life: their children.    

Jono, now a father shared the heartwarming thing he hopes for most.  

“I went to my friend's father's funeral the other day,” Jono told Grut with tears welling in his eyes, “and he got up and spoke and he said, ‘I’ve lost my best mate’.”  

“And I want all my kids to say that about me.” 

Moved by Jono’s comments, Fraser simply replied: “Dude that’s a beautiful dream.”  

Similarly, Ben expressed what he wants most for his children: “You look at wanting to help them succeed in their dreams. For them to be as big and as successful as they want to be. And to do all the things they want to do in life.” 

Meanwhile, Megan also shared her big dream - and it is truly inspirational.

So beautiful!  

Grab a tissue (trust us, you’ll need it) and watch the heartwarming moments Jono and Ben shared for Fraser’s 10,000 Dreams project.

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