April 13 - Chris Mac's Six60 Is Giving Us 50 Tickets For Their Eden Park Concert & They Could Be YOURS!

We caught up with Chris Mac again this morning after Jono requested FIFTY tickets to Six60's Eden Park concert so that we can give them away. Chris is giving us 50 but only on one agreement... We also chatted to listener Lisa who recently got married, and she wants to finally join bank accounts with her husband, but he isn't keen. What should she do? Is it fine to have separate bank accounts when you're married? Finally, we caught up with Kiwi artist Kimbra, one of the judges on TVNZ's Popstars, which debuted last night. We chatted to her about her experience winning an Oscar, and we snuck in a cheeky wee prank involving Vince Harder. Enjoy the show!