February 26 - Stories Of Survival

Hello! Today we discussed stories of survival, or why you shouldn't be alive. Actress Ashley Judd had a massive ordeal in Africa where she was in the middle of a jungle at night-time, fell over a fallen tree, broke her leg in 4 places and was left with nerve damage. After 4 flights back to America and an 8-hour surgery, she's recovering, but it was a very close call. So we wanted to hear whether you guys had been in a situation where you perhaps could have died but didn't! This was super interesting. On a slightly lighter note, Jono had a bit of a situation in the bathroom yesterday... He dropped something in the loo that he shouldn't have. We were also joined by professional boxer Joseph Parker ahead of his fight against Junior Fa this weekend, and we found out what it's like to go against someone in the ring who you actually really like. Enjoy!