FULL: Ben Adopted A Goose

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 November 2021, 11:12AM

Ben thought he was being pranked by Jono yesterday when a baby goose turned up on his doorstep. He was very confused at how it even got there, because their gate was closed and they don't live near any water. So, where the heck did this goose come from and how did it get into Ben's property? After we discussed this, we opened it up to see whether any of our listeners have played animal rescue, and we ended up speaking to Matt Owens who adopted a magpie (https://www.instagram.com/swoopandmowgli/) and it literally became his pet. It was best friends with the cat, it would come and land on Matt's shoulder whenever he called it, and he ended up going viral for it. Have a stalk of his Instagram, it's the cutest content you'll see all day. Finally, Ben has got concerns that his dog may embarrass him on a certain TV show. In hindsight this show sounds very animal focused. We promise there's other stuff in there too! Enjoy.