FULL: Could You Run 100km Every Day For 21 Days?

Publish Date
Monday, 6 December 2021, 12:17PM

It's not something that many people would be able to pull off. But we spoke to Emma Timmis, a Kiwi who is doing just that. But she's doing the length of the country over 21 days! Which equals to be about 100km per day. Unreal. Ben's daughter posed a very interesting question which we spoke about this morning: If you knew about Covid one month before it hit in 2020, what would you tell yourself, or what would you do? Finally, we spoke to Kimberley from The Channelling - she's a psychic. We got her to predict whether we will land two shots down into a basketball hoop, aiming from Eden Park's roof. We're attempting this on Wednesday, and if we land 2 balls in the hoop, we have an epic prize to give away. An all-access pass to all of Eden Park's events in 2022, plus $1,000!

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