FULL: Does Ben Now Have To Get A Tattoo On His Butt For Emily Blunt?

Publish Date
Friday, 30 July 2021, 11:09AM

Jono noticed that during & after the chat with The Rock and Emily Blunt, Ben made a promise to Emily and Jono that he'd get their names tattooed on his butt too... AHA! Will he follow through with these promises? Jono also did something very controversial to producer BHumps yesterday, outside of work... So we held a little intervention. Finally, we caught up with Martin Cocker from Netsafe. It was a very interesting chat, we spoke about internet safety, whether you should allow sites to "remember" your credit card details, the nifty ways scammers can get your details, and how to manage kids going on social media. VERY INTERESTING! Enjoy the poddy!