FULL: Mike Hosking Reviewed Our New TV Show...

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 12:48PM

The harshest critic in the game spared us 5 minutes of his time to chat to us about our new TV show. We sent him a couple of episodes to watch, did he like it? Is it worth watching? Hear from the Hosk himself! We also spent a bit of time brainstorming a name for the new potential vaccination bus that'll go around giving people the jab. Australia have called theirs Jabba The Bus, but Jacinda reckons us Kiwis will be able to think of a better one, and we ALREADY HAVE! Finally, if your wedding invite list is full, can you start culling the plus ones, or the partners that you don't really know, in order to invite more friends!? Is this acceptable!?