Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 12:27PM

What a whirlwind! We're still soaking up the info about Auckland's new rules in lockdown... We can have picnics, with only one other bubble, up to 10 people, but can we have 5 picnics in one day with different bubbles? WHAT ARE THE RULES! Ben the information man came to the rescue with all your questions about lockdown. Not only that, but social media has been down! Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp. What will we DOOO! But on a positive note (yay) we caught up with Hits Wellington day host, Bel Crawford, who we like to now call our Spice Girls correspondent, to chat about the new Spice Girls documentary that aired on TVNZ last night. She had a sit-down conversation for 45 minutes with Sporty Spice last year, so she also shared some tales about that experience! Enjoy the poddy.