FULL: We Offended James Blunt...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 12:34PM

We had the lovely & hilarious James Blunt on the show for an interview and straight off the bat we offended him with some false information about him! But all was ok in the end. He's a very funny dude & the chat was a lot of fun! We also spoke about the Aussie TV reporter who essentially cost his network $1 million, when he went to interview Adele in London, told her he hadn't listened to her new album yet, to which the record label said he couldn't use the interview anymore. Awkies. Flights to London and no playing back of the interview allowed... So, we threw it out there and asked you guys how much money you've cost your company and we had some ripper calls come through! You'd never want to be these people! Enjoy the podcast!