FULL: We Spoke To Someone Who Was Gifted Something EPIC From A Celebrity!

Publish Date
Monday, 26 July 2021, 2:35PM

Kia Ora! On today's show, we wondered if anyone had received a gift from a celebrity, and we spoke to a guy who received Sonny Bill Williams' Rugby World Cup medal in 2015, after he ran on the pitch to celebrate NZ's win! And he got to KEEP the medal! Such a crazy story that was awesome to hear first-hand. Also, it's safe to say the Olympics are captivating us all, making us experts in sports we usually know nothing about! But Jono got into another internet wormhole on the Olympics, some of the things we learnt were so interesting. Did you know that at the 1900 Olympics, the Netherlands didn't want the cox they already had for their rowing boat. So they plucked a 10-year-old boy out from the streets of Paris, put him in as their cox, their boat won gold, but the boy disappeared after the race before they could figure out who he was. To this day, nobody knows the boy who accidentally won gold. Crazy stuff! Enjoy the poddy!