FULL: Who Should Be The PM Of The South Island?

Publish Date
Monday, 18 October 2021, 12:15PM

Kia ora! Over the weekend was the Super Saturday Vaxathon and there were some golden moments, like Ashley Bloomfield dancing, Jacinda making Clarke do some DJing, and Paddy Gower saying "LESHGO". And since the South Island has no Covid, there's been a petition to let them be their own nation. So, if they did become their own nation, which famous South Islander would make a great Prime Minister? Jono's also realised that his daughter's texts to her friend on his phone look a bit dodgy from the surface without context. Finally, we caught up with comedian Hayley Sproull who hosts The Great Kiwi Bake Off with Madeleine Sami, always lovely chatting to her! Enjoy the poddy.