June 21 - What Are The Things We Miss From The 90s?

Publish Date
Monday, 21 June 2021, 12:01PM

On today's show, we began reminiscing about the best things that happened or existed in the 90s. We're compiling a list because this Friday we're doing a complete 90s themed show - music from the 90s, guests who were big in the 90s, outfits from the 90s and more! We also caught up with Clarke Gayford who made an incredible birthday cake for Neve's 3rd birthday - it had a screen in it so he could change the "theme" of the cake up! We then discussed when you've gone above and beyond for your kids birthday parties (unfortunately the Kardashain's didn't call up). Finally, we caught up with Paul Wood, who was convicted of murder and spent years behind bars. He became the first person in NZ to progress through undergraduate & Masters degrees while in prison. Now a motivational speaker & development specialist, we caught up with him and talked about stress, and how to realise that stress can actually be a good thing. Enjoy the show!