March 09 - A Harry & Meghan BONANZA

Golly gosh, it seems right now the only thing in the news is Harry & Meghan's tell all interview with Oprah. And they spilt the TEA! Our royal-obsessed producer Juliet gave us the rundown with the best moments. We also caught up with UK journalist Gavin Grey, who gave his thoughts (very strong thoughts!) on the interview. We then asked you guys if you're team Meg & Haz, or team Royal... SO MUCH DIVISION! Other than royal chat, Ben came home with potentially the world's most annoying dog toy without even realising it. You think the sound of bagpipes or a child screaming is bad, wait until you hear this. Finally, Jono shared why he reckons he's the biggest idiot of them all, and the reason is valid! Enjoy the poddy!