March 10 - We Chat To Karen Walker & Jazz Thornton!

On today's show we had two wonderful people join us. First off it was Jazz Thornton - mental health advocate and co-founder of Voices of Hope. She met Meghan and Harry in Wellington when they came to NZ - they sat down and discussed Jazz's work in advocating for mental health. Today we talked to Jazz about how we cannot disregard Meghan's comments about the state of her mental health, because it is so important to not shut people down when they open up about this. Not only that, we caught up with Karen Walker who is Barbie's official role model for 2021. Karen got to design and dress her very own Barbie in her own way! As well as this, (on possibly a less important note!) Ben is a bit gutted about how much "shelf space" his cartoon figurines have got at home... It seems his wife isn't too much of a fan!