May 04 - Ben's Biggest Dream Is About To Come True!

On today's show, we revealed a big surprise for Ben. One of his biggest idols is Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who has his own brand of tequila, and he often shares videos of fans enjoying the tequila. So, Jono ordered some to NZ, and IT'S ARRIVED AFTER A MONTH! So now, Ben has the opportunity to post a video in the hopes that The Rock will notice it and repost it. FINGERS CROSSED. If you have any ideas for creative videos Ben could submit, let us know on Instagram @thehitsbreakfast! We also found out recently that Ben takes up about 80% of wardrobe space in the wardrobe he and his wife share. Poor Amanda can't even fit all her clothes in there because of Ben's excessive shopping addiction! Jono took matters into his own hands, and with the help of Amanda, gave away a bunch of Ben's clothes on air. Let's hope Amanda has more wardrobe space now! Enjoy the show!