Jono & Ben's Hump-Day Headlines: How Lorde's lyrics ended up on an American weather report

Get ready for some middling, midweek laughs with the latest episode of Hump-Day Headlines, hosted by the Nobel Peace Prize entering Jono and Ben. 

This week's edition features the unforgettable moment when a love-struck boyfriend attempted to propose to his partner on a baseball field, only to be tackled by a ruthless security guard, leaving him the one swept off his feet.  

The team also dissects the recent clip of President Joe Biden caught on a live mic receiving step-by-step instructions on how to function like a human being.  

And given it’s Easter time Jono and Ben “praise the Lorde” by convincing a US weather reporter to incorporate the lyrics of the famous Kiwi banger, “Royals”, into his forecast. 

But the real highlight of the episode has to be the ambush of the Prime Minister’s press conference by out-of-control police attack dog puppies.  

Join Jono and Ben as they provide their unique brand of 'journalism'. According to their Mums “this week's episode is not to be missed”. 

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