Jono & Ben's Weak-End Episode 12

Jono and Ben look back on a huge week for Kiwis! There were Kiwis acting with Royals, kiwis invading sports fields, and even animated kiwi fruit on a strange mission in Japan.  

While they claim to have worked really hard on reading the first paragraph of news stories so they kind of sound like they kind of know what we’re talking about, Jono and Ben have definitely tracked down the week’s funniest clips for your entertainment.  

This week saw the Prime Minister in home isolation and suffering the same fate as many parents juggling kids and Zoom calls. But was this a savvy political move from Jacinda? Jono definitely thinks so.

With the world returning to 'the new normal' after lockdowns, Jono and Ben think it's great to be able to go to live sport again but with crowds come streakers, and this week, it saw one poor streaker get floored from a huge tackle by security. While in South Africa, has a super rugby player diversified his job in these tough financial times and joined in on the halftime dance display? His effort was one that surely wouldn’t see him ejected from Dancing With the Stars, but you probably still need to vote to keep him in the competition.  

Prince Harry teamed up with kiwi actors like Rhys Darby in a sketch promoting the prince’s new sustainable travel charity and while Jono and Ben loved Harry's acting efforts, they are surprised he took the role seeing as he’s married to an actual actor. Maybe he got the acting practice in before he has to act like he’s happy to be back in England again soon? 

And finally, a duck named Wrinkles took part in a marathon in New York. We are still unsure why flying wasn’t an option for the duck.   

That’s all in this week’s episode of Jono & Ben's Weak-End.