Jono Pryor takes on extreme SkyWalk Marathon 192 metres in the air

Jono Pryor is taking on his very first marathon … 192 metres in the air.

That’s right, Jono headed up Auckland’s Sky Tower this morning to kick off his 42km run around and around the outside of the tower, in a space usually reserved for the SkyWalk.

Scary for anyone but to make matters worse, Jono had zero training … honestly … is this even a good idea???

Before starting the run, Ben asked Jono how he was feeling, to which he said: "Underprepared … Grossly underprepared, you told me about this two days ago!"

Not only is he taking on this extreme marathon high up on the Sky Tower, but Jono is doing it wearing 10kgs worth of safety harnesses and recording gear.

The likes of Hilary Barry, How To Dad and Nadia Lim all wished Jono the best of luck on his outrageous endeavour. Check out their messages on the Jono and Ben Instagram.

Good luck Jono! Stay tuned for the full video coming soon.