Kiwi sports stars who've made NZ proud at Tokyo Olympics catch up with Jono and Ben

So many Kiwi athletes have

Jono and Ben caught up with some more Olympians from the Tokyo Games: Emma Twigg, Hamish Bond, Grace Prendergast, Kerri Gowler & Brooke Donoghue, and Hayden Wilde! 

Emma Twigg - who won gold in the Women's rowing single sculls - talked about her winning moment.

She also explained the awkward drug testing process that every medal winner has to go through ... which involves having someone watch you use the bathroom! 

Listen above to hear her interview with Jono and Ben.

Meanwhile Hamish Bond - who won gold with the Rowing Men's Eight team - revealed how the team celebrated after their win.

He also opened up about how the Covid testing worked while he was over in Tokyo. Listen above to hear what he had to say.

Next Jono and Ben spoke with Grace Prendergast and Kerri Gowler who won a gold and silver in rowing.

They talked about how "unreal" winning at the Olympics was, especially after they got a shout-out from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Instagram. They also opened up about how they train for at least an hour on the rowing machine - that's a lot of rowing!

Listen to Grace and Kerri's chat with Jono and Ben above.

Brooke Donoghue - who won silver in rowing with Hannah Osborne - also caught up with Jono and Ben.

As well as talking about the winning moment she also revealed some of the cool freebies all the Olympians get given when they arrived in Tokyo. Interesting!

Listen to her chat with Jono and Ben above!

Finally Jono and Ben caught up with Hayden Wilde - who took home the bronze medal for New Zealand in the triathlon at the Tokyo Olympics.

He also opened up about the moment he crossed the finish line - where the two in front of him had collapsed and had a bit of a vom. Delightful!

Listen to his full interview with Jono and Ben above!

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