Kiwi woman reveals how she saved a 6-year-old girl from a burning building

Emma Chaddock is truly a Kiwi hero!

The Motueka local recently woke up early one morning to her neighbour screaming that her house was on fire & that her 6-year-old daughter was inside. 

That’s when Emma did an incredible thing  - that is usually not advised - and went into the inferno to save the daughter. 

Jono and Ben spoke with Emma and she described what was going through her mind and what the reality of being inside a burning building was actually like … she says he’s nothing like what we see in Hollywood flicks.

"It’s not like the movies, they make it look quite easy, [but] it sucks,” she says, “it’s horrible, the smoke’s hot."

Eventually Emma found the little girl - who was actually down the end of a hallway on the phone to emergency services - and managed to get her out of the building.

If she had been 20 seconds later, the outcome would've been completely different. 

"She came to me and as we got into the bedroom, got to the window, the hall filled up with flames," Emma recounted.

"I'm just pleased that that little girl gets to live another day, to be honest with you, I just hope that there would be people around to do the same for my kids."

Wow, what an absolute hero!

Listen to Emma’s incredible story in full above!

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