Patrick Gower sheds light on vaping harm by creating his own vape flavour in new doco

Paddy Gower has taken a deep dive into the world of vaping - and he’s even made his own vape juice.

Why? To shed light on how vaping has taken over the country and getting a whole new generation addicted without knowing all of the effects it could have on our health.

He caught up with Jono and Ben to chat all about it.

While vapes were originally created to try help people stop smoking, they’ve not become a harmful fad for Kiwi kids.

“Poison - that’s what nicotine is, but that’s what changes everything,” Patrick says.

“Nicotine, the same thing that wrecked generations and generations of people around the world, we’re literally putting it into something and selling it to our kids at dairies.”

Listen to the full interview above.

Patrick Gower: On Vaping airs tonight at 7:30pm on TV3 and Three Now.

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