Sarah Jessica Parker talks her love for New Zealand wine with Jono and Ben

She may be known for drinking Cosmos as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City - but these days Sarah Jessica Parker is all about wine.

Her own brand of wine, in fact, which is made right here in New Zealand with the help of local winemakers Invivo, who are known for their work with Graham Norton’s own range of wine.

The American actress caught up with Jono and Ben in The Hits to talk all about her new boozy venture.

"I’ve enjoyed the process, it’s been amazingly informative. It’s been an education. It’s been enormously fun,” she said of the process of working with the fellas at Invivo, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, on her Sauvignon Blanc and French Rosé.

"I love this wine, she added. "And you know, this wine keeps winning awards. It’s so freaking good. It is a gorgeous wine!"

Wine isn’t the only thing SJP loves about New Zealand, she also sang praises of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"She's extraordinary, it's a very different way of governing – she sees something that she thinks is wrong or harmful or isn't safe and she simply does something about it," she told Jono and Ben.

"It's such a refreshing way of handling crises because there's a much longer process in our country to getting to that point."

The actress referenced Ardern's response to the 2019 Christchurch terrorist attacks as an example of her incredible leadership.

"From the outside, we saw something violent happen in your country that is unthinkably upsetting – and she just handled it. She just seems so confident, and she's so respected."

"I'm sure some people disagree with her policies or the choices she makes – but there is such a stability to her approach to governing which is admirable."

Parker also explained that as a female actress, she really looks up to Ardern.

"Because she is a woman, it's so inspiring to other women to see her lead with such authority and conviction. She seems like the woman in your class who you could talk to but you also aspire to be like - it's been so exciting for us to watch her lead."

The actress also noted that while she and her family, husband Matthew Broderick and their children have been staying safe during the COVID-19 lockdown in New York City, she can’t wait to come to visit New Zealand.

"I love wine; I've learned lots of wonderful things about your country so obviously the next step is visiting."

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon SJP!

Watch Sarah Jessica Parker’s full interview with Jono and Ben above. 

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- The Hits, additional reporting by the NZ Herald

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