Blind Date To Brisbane: Hear What Our 6 Finalists Have To Say!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 12:14PM

We match-up our winning Dunedin couple on Friday morning for the Blind Date To Brisbane thanks to Air New Zealand.

This morning we narrowed it down to the final three girls and final three blokes. Which two will be matched-up??

We’re keeping their identities secret ..... for now.

Have a listen to what they have to say about themselves and their search for a partner.

MISS BLACK   is a 30-something working in recruitment. She loves rugby, singing and Japanese food. She is looking for a guy with a sense of humour and someone who doesn’t chew loudly [audio starts at 00:00s]

MISS GREY  is a 30-something studying to be a registered nurse. She loves running and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and is looking for someone funny and honest. [audio starts at 00:23s]

MISS RED  is a 30-something manager who is studying for her MBA....she loves walking her dog and Game Of Thrones. She’s looking for someone attractive and honest and doesn’t crack their knuckles. [audio starts at 00:44s]

MR CHARCOAL  is a 20-something apprentice joiner who loves going to the gym and eating nachos. He’s looking for someone to have a laugh with but who doesn’t talk about her ex’s. [audio starts at 01:03s]

MR PINK   is a 40-something businessman who loves food, travel and sport. He wants to meet someone funny and motivated but she can’t be vain. [audio starts at 01:30s]

MR WHITE  is a 30-something builder who loves travelling and home cooked roasts. He’s looking for someone fun, trusting and a non-smoker. [audio starts at 01:40s]