These Adorable Cats Are Up For Adoption At The Waikato SPCA

In celebration of our Kitty Cam, we're showcasing all of the adorable cats up for adoption at the SPCA across the country.

These are the cats that are currently in desperate need of a home in the Waikato. Could you be the family to give one of them the life they deserve?

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A mature cat isn't necessarily old, they can be just as playful and friendly as kittens but they’re older and wiser. Don’t overlook them – they URGENTLY need a home!


• They’re already house trained – fewer nasty accidents.

• You know what you’re getting with a mature cat– they’ve grown up a bit and their personalities are developed.

• They’re more appreciative than kittens and are great companions

• Mature cats are calmer than kittens – so your curtains are safer!

Did you know?

An adult cat can improve your health: Studies show that having a pet can be good for your heart and mind. People with pets tend to have lower blood pressure than those without; playing with a pet can elevate your dopamine and serotonin levels (your brain's happy chemicals); plus pet owners are less likely to suffer from the effects of depression.

At the very least, having a cat to welcome you home from work can help lift your mood - and isn't that alone worth adopting a beautiful cat? She loves being brushed and groomed, and lets you know it with a gentle purr - a great sound to hear at the end of a hard day!

Adult cats are cool and collected: Mature cats have already gone through childhood (cat-hood?). That means they're already experts at grooming, they're calmer and more appreciative of people than kittens, and they're toilet trained.

This makes older cats great pets for busy people, as they don't need the constant attention a kitten requires in it's first few months of life. Many older cats are friendly but independent, and won't panic while you're at work.