We Have Our Winner. Congratulations Lexi - Pet of the Year for 2020!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 1:42PM

CONGRATULATIONS to our OFFICIAL Pet of the Year for 2020! The Beautiful Lexi and owner Naomi, have claimed the title and scored a bunch of amazing goodies, all thanks to Newstead Veterinary Services!!

Thank you all so much for making the Hits Waikato Pet of the Year 2020 a MASSIVE success! There's no way any of this could have been possible without you and of course, our incredible friends at Newstead Veterinary Services!

Check out Lexi's Inspiring story below:
"My beautiful border collie, Lexi deserves to be Pet of the Year as she was my lifeline and saviour!
Just over two years ago I was hit by a car as a pedestrian, in addition to many many injuries I lost my leg below the knee. As a previously very active and sporty person this was the absolute worst thing in the world for me and as you can imagine life was pretty tough for a while. I got Lexi as a puppy at this time and she was everything to me and gave me a reason to carry on! She was my reason for getting up in the morning and my purpose in life! At the start there were a lot of people around but after a while they all had to go back to work and I was always at home alone - but Lexi was always with me. She kept me company no matter what I was doing - whether sleeping, trying to exercise or just watching TV.
Now I can do a lot more and she is still my absolute best friend. She goes everywhere with me including out in the boat, bush walking, up the farm, and swimming (she loves the water). She’s keen for everything!
I completely owe my sanity and mental health to getting Lexi at the time I did. She gave me purpose and a reason to keep on living!"