Kiwi creator of viral 99 per cent sugar free hot chocolate that sold out in Aussie chats to Toni Street

A Kiwi hot chocolate has sold out in Australia after going viral.

Avalanche Coffee’s $5 99 per cent sugar-free hot chocolate went gangbusters after Australian social media influencer Kristin Fisher raved about it on Instagram.

Soon people were sharing photos online of the highly sought-after item being sold out in Australian supermarkets.

Toni Street tracked down one of the creators of the delicious drink, Kiwi Paul Tobin the director of Avalanche Coffee, to chat about his sudden frenzy and exciting success.

It seems Paul had no idea about the sudden buzz but said: "the sugar-free stuff’s just going nuts, we can barely make it fast enough".

Thankfully for hot chocolate fans, the tasty treat is still available in New Zealand.

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