Tourism NZ Profiles Great Lake Trail

Publish Date
Monday, 17 August 2015, 10:41AM

 The Great Lake Trail is set to receive a boost in its profile with Tourism New Zealand releasing a promotional video of the trail.

The four minute long video showcases the Great Lake Trail with its stunning scenery, native bush and expertly built tracks. The video is one of a series made by Tourism New Zealand to promote Nga Haerenga, the New Zealand Cycle Trail. The Great Lake Trail is one of the top trails of this network in terms of user numbers, with 35,000 people visiting the trail in the past year.

Damian Coutts, General Manager of Destination Great Lake Taupo, says he was very pleased to see the video. “It really shows the beauty of the Great Lake Trail, how easily accessible it is and how enjoyable it is to ride. Its popularity just keeps snowballing, through initiatives such as Tourism New Zealand’s video and increasingly through word of mouth.”

The Great Lake Trail promotional video will be viewed on the website by both international and domestic travellers planning their trip to the region.  It is hoped that the video will encourage visitors to include mountain biking the Great Lake Trail in their itinerary by showing it is fun, accessible and that it takes you into some beautiful back country areas with stunning scenery.

There are several initiatives afoot to improve the facilities and support services to the Great Lake Trail, and Bike Taupo is working on improving signage and interpretive information to enhance the experience for visitors. With these changes expected to lift the caliber of the trail even more and attract more riders, there will almost certainly be more opportunities for local operators to set up new businesses, boosting the local economy.